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What and when to post on Facebook

June 21, 2012Joseph LancasterInternet MarketingComments Off on What and when to post on Facebook

Knowing what and when to post on Facebook (or any other social media website for that matter) can help you understand how to get the most out of each posting. You’ll be able to get more likes, shares and comments which help to further promote not just the post, but also your page/profile by having more engagement from users. This engagement is also seen by the user’s friends and subscribers having an even larger impact.

This data is nothing new,  and has been rehashed many times over. So, it’s been proven many times and can therefor truly help you out in your social marketing campaign. Post when the most people are online, post items that engage the user to share, like or comment. Even asking questions or telling them to like something works. It’s all about interacting with them and not just talking TO them.

Which of these are you trying now that work for you? What other ways do you see works great for your social marketing?

  • Photos receive the most engagement followed by text and then video
  • Posting links to news receive the least numbers of likes, shares or comments
  • Visual Content works very well on Facebook
  • Text posts will bring in the most comment engagement
  • You’ll get more shares and likes if you post later in the day
  • You’ll get more likes if your post is either very short or very long
  • You’ll get more shares if the post is long (sharing value)
  • Using “I” and “me” in your post get more likes
  • Posts with a “neutral” tone go unnoticed
  • You’ll get more comments with negative post than positive
  • Weekend posts receive higher like percentage compare to weekday posts
  • Most active users are found very early such as 5am or at lunch time

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