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Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Social networks have been proven to attract customers faster than search engine marketing and can even help your seo campaign. With our social media marketing (SMM) services you’ll get the buzz out socially and gain more targeted traffic.

About SMM

Social media marketing is about creating profiles on various social networks so you can interact with a more targeted marketing. Though Facebook and Twitter are wide range networks, the discussions can be focused creating great opportunities to find new customers, get existing customers to share their success with your company or learn and address issues while gaining credibility. All this and more can come from simply creating and maintaining space online socially.

The fear of not wanting to disclose or discuss your business openly is no longer a good enough excuse. Businesses with a social presence present better loyalty while staying in the minds of buyers. Customers are comparing businesses online more every day and in every way. Make sure you can be found online, have interaction with customers, offer ways which they can ask questions without devuldging personal information and even offer specials.

SMM Features

We’ll help you get started with SMM and consult with you along the way to continue your online social media efforts.

  • Create Custom FB & Twitter Fan Page
  • Professional Profile Writing
  • Attracting Followers & Fans
  • Keyword Rich FB Posts & Tweets
  • Linking Twitter & Facebook
  • Linking Website to Both
  • Managing Facebook Ads
  • Monthly Statistics

SMM Pricing

We’ll do all of the work to get you started and ready to forge a strong online social presence.

Month 1) Design and customize profiles and getting things started.
Month 2-3) Refining, growing and expanding your online network.
Then, we’ll work with you to continue on your own or you can hire us to maintain it at a discounted price.

Need both SEO and Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization is included free with our SEO Packages .

Social Media Optimization vs Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization is getting your site socially ready with buttons, links and integrating social media tools.

Social Media Marketing is the act of preparing, creating and managing online campaigns on social media platforms. Click marketing with social media to learn more or call (323) 546-7873.

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