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WordPress Design & Customization Expert

WordPress Installation Services

Whether you have web hosting or not, have an existing website or are starting from scratch, we can help you install WordPress and configure it to work how you want. WP is easy to install but your server may need a few adjustments.

Don’t forget feature add-ons. Simply tell us what features you’d like on your website and we’ll set it up to work just as you want. Select from hundreds of WordPress Pro plug-ins to help you interact and engage your readers while increasing SEO, usability and conversion.

WordPress Design Services

View our portfolio – Get a custom WordPress design to meet or exceed your needs. Did you know that WP functionality is rooted in the theme it runs? Different themes or custom WordPress themes give you not only better design but better function and use by your website’s visitors.

We’ll create home pages that help convert more traffic to leads and sales, landing pages that help capture traffic as they browse your website, and address usability that keeps users on your website longer.

WordPress Theme Installation

WordPress themes are how WP manages the design. WP comes with a pretty basic theme called Twenty Eleven and rarely will be a good design for most people much less a business. Themes can be purchased to satisfy quick and easy design needs and can quickly be installed. Each theme has it’s own unique way of being customized though and this is where there can be confusion. Let us quickly install your theme and make changes such as logo, colors and other tweaks to make the most of the WordPress theme for your situation.

WordPress Hosting Services

Hosting WordPress is easy. You simply need a host that can run PHP and MySql. Don’t know what that is? That’s okay. We can set you up with a domain, hosting, even email accounts through a couple of different hosting options depending on your specific WordPress website configuration and needs. The important things to remember are space, speed and reliability. We are not a hosting company but are partnered with GoDaddy and can help you get it all setup without the headaches or learning curves needed to make the right choices.

WordPress Marketing Services

Installing, configuring and designing a WordPress website is just the beginning. After creating the right content and loading all of the features, you are ready for internet marketing. We’ll review your installation and code to ensure that your WP website is search engine friendly. As we find errors we’ll send you a report you can follow to make the changes, or we can make the changes for you. Our WordPress consultant can even install tools and applications to your WP site that can help with marketing too. Next, we’ll work externally to raise your website’s marketing though off-site search engine optimization (linking, online promotions, social media optimization and more).

WordPress Update & Management Services

A website running WP is pretty simple to run and manage, as long as you have the time to do so. Keeping up with changes helps you prevent website attacks, malware, spam and more. These all will not only waste more time in the long-run but can damage your reputation with your website’s users and even worse, devalue in the eyes of search engines getting you blocked from search. Running WordPress updates can also add improved usability by offering you and your visitors new features. But be careful, some updates can break your theme’s design or other features and plug-ins.

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*WordPress is a simple to use and manage CMS (content management system).

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