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Online Marketing isn’t the only marketing you need.

September 16, 2012Joseph LancasterInternet MarketingComments Off on Online Marketing isn’t the only marketing you need.

Online marketing is great to promote your website or online presence through internet advertising or search engine marketing. For small businesses, especially those ran from home or single offices, the lack of different departments can affect roles and focus. Those who wear many hats in start-ups for example might be so busy with tasks that they don’t see the larger picture other than the desired end result. You can ask yourself just three simple questions to come up with a definition to give

I used to work at a technical recruiting office. Our clients needed people to interview and so we also needed candidates and clients. The owner would office say, “focus” aloud to us or to himself but focus needs direction. You and your office, even if it is just two, can get this by defining what you do, for whom and how — outside of the daily tasks or the weekly goals.

If you sell t-shirts, who’s your target market, and don’t just answer, “anyone who wears clothing”. Really think about who would buy your shirts and why. What makes you different than the other t-shirt company? This is easily with services but can get tricky if you stay too general.

Ask yourself these three questions and come up with a statement that defines what your office does outside of the tactical and create more office focus for the strategy you’d like to achieve.

  • What do you do or sell, specifically?
  • Who do you sell or provide services for, exactly?
  • What makes you different from other similar companies or products?

Use this paragraph to remind your team what they should be focusing on in the long-term. Only together can you all reach the goals of the office. Share this also with your vendors, suppliers and external staff or agencies so that they can also better understand what you need to succeed. In some cases they can offer more insight, products or services to help you outside of just what you asked for during partnership increasing your productivity and drive towards your business’ best outcome.

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