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Don’t burn through your budget. Let us help you setup your account to get the most out of your ad campaign.

Using paid ads whether it is through Google’s Adwords program or Microsoft’s Adcenter (used to procure ads for Bing and Yahoo), you’ll need to make sure you are using the best 1) ads, 2), keywords, 3) pricing/budget, 4) targeted markets. We can help you manage your paid advertising to prevent overspending and make sure you get the best return on your advertising investment, including our costs.

Online Ad Management

Testing is key to avoid using your monthly budget up all in one day.

Managing an Online Ad Campaign

To begin a successful ad campaign research is necessary to find the right keywords that will not just drive traffic to your site but will result into purchases, leads or other goals. This is similar to the keyword research process for SEO but will have the addition in mindset to understand that clicks cost money (Passive traffic is fine for SEO) and therefore should have the highest possible chance at a return.

Targeting your ads are important too. Making sure it is not only reaching the right audience but not being wasted on the wrong people. Devices, locations, city, state or even country are key to saving time and money while focusing on those who will buy. If your website is large and does not have a mobile version, don’t advertise to mobile devices, etc.

Next, you’ll want to have a set budget planned out for your campaign, daily, monthly and annually. Initially, have a low budget set specifically for a test period to gain insight into what ads work best giving you the best ROI. As you see the ads, keywords and target combinations working you can simply increase the budget and be able to forecast what you’ll get. Never begin with your full budget until you know what the outcome will be once the ads are live.

Last, track your ads, clicks, click through rates (how well received the ad is online), and what keywords work the best. Changes and adjustments will be needed to refine your ad campaign. Review these numbers against your incoming calls, leads or purchases to know the full extent of what is truly working with online advertising.

Professional Ad Management

Getting help managing your ads can cost as little as $250/m. If you don’t have an account yet with Google Adwords, we’ll setup an account (included a free $100 to get started), create the ads, keywords and targeted areas and times plus test bid rates and different ads until we see what works before increasing the spending. Contact us today to get answers and learn more, (323) 546-7873.

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