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SEO Web Design

Web Design Services
& WordPress Consultant:

  • Web design and usability testing
  • Graphic and logo design
  • 3D Flash animations
  • Call-to-action buttons / graphics
  • Flash story-boarding
  • Stock photography research
  • Coding and programming
  • Shopping carts and gateway integration
  • Credit card processing services
  • Database creation and administration
  • And, of course, full SEO services.

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Our Web Design Process:

  • Research Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Client Review
  • Development
  • On-Site SEO Integration
  • Beta Testing
  • Live Release
  • Off-Site SEO
  • Analytical Review
  • Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Future Release Planning

WordPress Web Design

Whether you already have a website and are seeking a fresh update or are just starting out, you’ll need to consider SEO for web design. But before you review our SEO packages start with SEO ready web design. Look, it does no good to build a great website only to have a consultant say, “you should have done this or that”. It takes more time, costs more in the long run, and delays the results you were looking forward to with a new design. That’s where SEO web design comes into play. You’ll get it done right the first time. Plus, our SEO packages come with free web design services. You’ll save hundreds!

SEO Web Design

What is SEO web design? It means helping your website attract more traffic AND converting more of it to sales. So, how do you consider SEO during the design phase? Navigation is a big part, making sure you have the best linking and page titles, etc. But there’s more to it than just that. It could be easy to add to your existing website or integrate into your new idea. Either way, let’s work together to ensure the best practices are considered. Contact us at (323) 546-7873 and we’ll review some thoughts together.

Need both SEO and Web Design?

Buy a SEO Package and get a free custom website or re-design.

Web Services Specifics:

Web Design

Every website will have it’s own specific needs not to mention budget and time constraints. We can help you no matter your situation. Those in a hurry can take advantage of our team customizing a turnkey sites starting from $1000 requiring about two weeks while custom designs will require more time and a specific quote.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce websites are made up of three parts. 1) Catalog to hold all products, prices, descriptions and images; 2) a shopping cart system with a payment gateway allowing payments through various banking systems and 3) a content management system allowing easy edits of non-catalog pages such as about us, contact us, etc. eCommerce websites are also available in customized templates or completely custom. We can also help you with the simple process of uploading all of your products which can take quite a bit of time depending on how many products you have to sell.

WordPress Expert Management

Let our design team help with your WordPress theme customization or design a custom theme from scratch. We have been designing custom WordPress themes since 2005 and use it on almost every website we design. Our clients love it’s ease of use, stable code and large list of features and plug-ins. No matter what type or style of  site you need our WordPress consultants can help guide you through blog design to full content management or advanced feature integration.

Writing and Content Research

If you need help with writing, editing or even research for articles, pages and website content, we can help. Our rates for write are $100 per 500 word page or about $85/hr for research, proofing and editing.

Webmaster Services

Whether you are tired of managing your website on your own or you don’t think you need your full-time web staff for the amount of work you have, we can help. Let a team with a wide range of expertise oversee every aspect from design, writing, coding, program updates, page creation to marketing, optimization and statistical management.

Custom Website Programming, iPad/Tablet or Mobile App Development

Take your idea from paper to prototype quicker and more affordable than you think. Our US based development team will help guide you through the process from target research, naming, design, workflow, monetizing and marketing. Custom website applications can start at just $1500, making it available via mobile web is about the same. Developing a custom application for iOS (Apple), Android and Blackberry for simple applications can cost between $3000-$5000 where the very complex would need to be discussed to give the best idea of pricing.

Taking the next steps

Review the PORTFOLIO or use the CONTACT page to get a free quote. Final price will be based on your specific needs and discussed before starting your project. Call for any of your seo web design needs (323)546-7873.

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