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Ran out of ideas to write about on your blog?

May 10, 2012Joseph LancasterHow do I..., Internet MarketingComments Off on Ran out of ideas to write about on your blog?

Our company...There are times when it is hard to write about your business. You’ve covered all of your products or services, talked about your company’s history, vision and future, and so on. Well, now you are stuck and don’t know what to write about  but you want to create something you think the search engines will like. Well there’s hope and it comes from insight about Google’s latest change.

Fist I’ll cover a quick way to regenerate content. That’s right. But not taking an old story and re-write it as a new one. Rather, take a look at that old article and see if there is room for improvement. Google’s newest changes were Panda 3.5 and Penguin. Now, Penguin has to do with on-page filtering of content that was poorly written while they seek well organized paragraphs, no typos, consistency in context and low over use of optimization. In other words, they now seek those pages that keep it VERY real (there are pages ranking well for certain keywords where the article is a spot on match even though it didn’t use the exact keyword searched).

From this information, you’ll want to review your entire website’s content and make sure it’s solid. I love this since optimization to me has always been just that — optimal changes for best practices for search. Make edits where needed but don’t re-write and save as an entirely new document. That could be seen as similar content. I didn’t say duplicate (where it’s an exact match) but similar enough to where search engines find that you’ve already covered this content elsewhere and they won’t use this new similar article for your benefit.

Next, as you are reviewing your articles, see if something was left out or that changed which can be covered on it’s own in a new article. If you think you can cover it in a 300-500 word article, start writing. But if you still find yourself caught without anything to write about, think about creating a writing plan. My mother owned and published a magazine and would have monthly editorial calendar to coincide with each new issue. She’d know what to cover in the “Spring Issue” or the “Holiday Issue”. Your business too can succeed from this. Think of your products or services and how they relate to seasons, times of the year, tax time, spring break, etc. and create an editorial road map to make finding ideas easier.

Here’s a quick list of take-a-ways from this article. See anything you’d add to make writing easier? Leave comments below and like if you found it useful.

  • Don’t get caught up in keywords and phrases to use.
  • Instead of writing while thinking of keywords, think of a topic.
  • Instead of using exact keywords, use your real way of communicating.
  • Use parts of existing sentences rather than keywords to link to other pages.
  • Describe images to the blind in ALT tags rather than written for search engines.
  • Have a plan for your entire year to use for writing articles, news and publications.


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