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Quick Points about Fixing Google Penguin Issues

May 8, 2012Joseph LancasterInternet MarketingComments Off on Quick Points about Fixing Google Penguin Issues

How can I fix my site after the Google Penguin update?

If your site was indeed affected and needs fixes, look at the keywords that dropped. Did you over optimize those words, are there pages that are affected more than others? Was the over optimization over zealous links externally pointing to your site? If it’s links you will need to remove the spammy links if you can or call and ask site owners to remove them for you. If this isn’t possible you’ll just have to over time have quality links added to your site. I say have added since Google is looking for you adding links.

Instead of adding links, take the time to add a reason for others to link to you. Create newsworthy content, images or such. This is called link bait. Like a funny photo that people want to share socially or a bullet point top ten list worth sharing. SEO is not about hiring someone to spam the heck out of Google to pay attention. SEO might take longer than it did in 2005 but it will have better lasting results and you won’t be subjected to radical changes when Google looks for the spammers.

If your site was affected more due to page content or over optimization, review each page closely starting with your home page, then work your way in priority of the important pages to the last. Look for over use of your keywords and phrases, too many links pointing to your other pages or pointing out. See if your page uses too many keywords rather than a good focus on 2-3. Don’t have more than 1-2 in your meta keywords. Google doesn’t even use this meta tag anymore but only to lookout for those who try to abuse it. Make sure your description is not identical to your page title and is different from each and every other page on your website. Keep your title under 80 characters (including spaces) and your description under 160. Don’t abuse title or alt tags for images. If you are using both alt and title make sure they are different.

Basically, do the right thing. Think of each item’s appropriate purpose. If you thought there were quick fixes in SEO there are not. And now you might be stuck with lack of quick fixes to come out of this too but take your time to not only make things right but ready for any future change within Google search.

If you’d like help with understanding your loss or drop in impressions or traffic contact us today at 323-546-7873 and let’s review the data together.

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